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Thread: String replace not working properly

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    Default String replace not working properly

    This is a small example of my code where I am trying to replace a char with another while iterating through a for loop. The problem is that it's not replacing the char.

    Java Code:
    public class Test
        private static String[] testVars = {"ʤUser1", "ʤUser2", "ʤUser3"};
        public static void main(String[] args)
            for (int k = 0; k < testVars.length; k++)
                testVars[k].replace("ʤ", "Dž");
    The output I am getting is:


    EDIT Found the solution. Needed to create a string to hold the replacement.
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    Default Re: String replace not working properly

    Strings are immutable so you have to assign the return value of the replace method to the reference variable again; i.e.

    Java Code:
    testVars[k]= testVars[k].replace("ʤ", "Dž");
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