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    Default Help trying to work with stack?

    Hey there!

    I am trying to use a stack. I want to push an object nussinovZelle on it.
    A nussinovZelle has several attributes, such as int row and int column.
    I print out the nussinovZelle and it works fine, no null pointer exception.
    I put it on the stack (stack.push(nz);) and get it again into another nussinovZelle
    mz = (nussinovZelle) stack.pop();
    now that still works out. if I try to get the rows mz.getRow() or the columns mz.getColumn()
    I'm getting a null pointer exception.
    I do not know why. the Stack was declared as: Stack<nussinovZelle> stack = new Stack<nussinovZelle>();

    can someone help out please? I really need this to work!!

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    Default Re: Help trying to work with stack?

    Can you show us the relevant code?

    kind regards,

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