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    Default find method in doubly linked list


    I am trying to write a find method that iterates through a doubly linked list from the beginning and end until either one of the iterators runs in to the object being searched for or until the two iterators meet. However, I am having trouble getting it to work properly. I am able to get a successful search, but in the case where the object is not found I am getting a null-pointer exception. My code is as follows:

    Java Code:
             DoubleLinkNode<AnyType> p =;
             DoubleLinkNode<AnyType> j = tail.previous;
             while(p != j && !p.element.equals(item) && !j.element.equals(item)){
                 p =;
                 j = j.previous;
             if (p == j)
                 return null;
             else if (p.element.equals(item))
                 return new LinkedListIterator<>(p);
                 return new LinkedListIterator<>(j);
    if I search for an item not in the list I get an exception at the line with the while statement. Is it not correct to say that the loop should continue as long as p does not reference the same node as j? Thanks for your help.

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    Default Re: find method in doubly linked list

    Are 'head' and/or 'tail' elements of your list? If so, don't start with and tail.previous; (you're not checking the first and last elements and for a list with less than three elements your algorithm goes kaboom!) Also, suppose p and j point to adjacent nodes; advancing bother p and j makes them pass each other and your algorithm also goes kaboom!

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