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Thread: Images and stuff

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    i ... found the mistake..
    the frame is perfectly working, but it doesnt refresh itself.
    since i've set rezisable to false, there was no chance for the frame to refresh.
    when i rechanged that, and added another layer , nothing happened.
    but when i changed the size, it updated... and worked.... Oo
    that just costed me 2 days... well.. things you remember when you done them wrong once..

    still thanks a lot guys!
    do you know how i can refresh a frame?

    edit: setvisible - false => setvisible - true works..
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    Try using:
    first: JFrame.invalidate()
    And then call: JFrame.validate()

    That should invalidate you container then validate it. This might be an aggressive way of going about it... I believe there is another way. Still, If you have another question that is completely different from the one you started in this thread, create a new thread.

    Edit: also try the repaint() class. Look it up with "Threads."
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    hm validate and invalidate doesnt work..
    but since it works with visible setting, ill just stick with that.
    it loads for some seconds, but thats okay.. i dont need a perfect editor :P

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