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    Question How to create a header from an sql select query in java


    I have to create a header line from a select query and put it in an output file following the records from the query.

    For example ,
    the query looks like this:-

    select name,room_no,cc1200,cc1201,cc1202,cc1203,cc1204,cc 1205 from student;

    The header should look like this

    I only need idea of what to use to get the header i want
    once i have the query , is it good idea to use token with delimiter , (is this idea a good one)
    or using split function is a good idea ?

    The query returns records which will be put into a file, all these records should preceed with a header with the column names changed to name,room_no,00,01,02,03,04,05 ?

    How do i split the query till " FROM " word , so that i can get only the column names .

    Thank You In Advance
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    Check your ResultSet.getMetaData() object; it knows about all the columns, their length etc.

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