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    Default Using variables inside methods?

    Is it acceptable to use variables you have established outside of a method, inside of a method?

    For example, say I want to clear all textboxes, and this needs to happen under lots of different conditions. Could I write a method to specifically clear each actual textbox (not using a formal perimeter or anything), even though they were created outside of the method?

    It works fine, I just want to know if its bad practice or if I'm gonna take a hit on my project grade.

    Just to make sure I'm being clear:

    outside method:

    private JTextField jftPlayer1 = new JTextField(10);
    private JTextField jftPlayer2 = new JTextField(10);


    private void resetAll()



    And of course, call the method:


    Every example from my textbook uses variables declared inside the method and/or formal parameters. None use variables actually declared outside the method.

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    Your example is fine and I don't see a better way to do this. Just be sure to provide javadocs for all public methods, and perhaps some private ones (like the one above).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Forty0ztoFreedom View Post
    Is it acceptable to use variables you have established outside of a method, inside of a method?
    A variable defined outside of any method is (by definition) a (static) member variable. Suppose you're not allowed to manipulate such a variable inside a method then you're not allowed to manipulate it anywhere because there is no ordinary code allowed outside the body of any method. So, yes, your example is fine.

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