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Thread: JPanel motion

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    Default JPanel motion


    I'm working on a simple aplication where is an JFrame, and 2 JPanels on it.
    I would like to write an simple motion with these JPanels. I implemented a simple version, but there is some flickering on the screen. How could I solve it?
    Here is my code:

    Jpanel c3 = new JPanel();
    Graphics g = this.getGraphics();
    c3.setLocation(30, 30);
    for(int i=0;i<100;i++)
    c3.setLocation(130 + i, 30);
    this.update(g); //this is currently the JFrame.update
    catch(InterruptedException e)

    Please help me...

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    You seem to be doing graphics wrong including calling getGraphics on a component. I suggest that you read the Graphics tutorials and see how to do graphics correctly and your problems will correct themselves. If you want to move a component, then use a null layout, a Swing Timer and change it's location in the Timer. Again the tutorials will help.

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    Ugh, crossposted: JPanel motion
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