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    Question Netbeans versus JavaEditor: main class?

    I created several small applets and classes, in separate directories, using JavaEditor, which run fine (also using JavaEditor: Applet Viewer) or running the .html file in a webbrowser. If I try to run the same applets in NetBeans (6.9) however I get the error message 'no main class found'. Indeed I have no classes with the name 'main', but in JavaEditor that is not an issue? I do however have a method init() in each applet, as I learned that an applet should have such a method. Can I instruct NetBeans to look for an init() method instead of a main() method?

    I imported the files in the directory containing the original source files into a NetBeans Project, set the Project as the Main project.

    All I want is to start editing my existing java source code in NetBeans instead of JavaEditor. Should I make changes to the source code in order to be able to make that switch?
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    I don't think is has anything to do with the editors (IDE's). Applets need a class extending JApplet (or Applet, long time ago) having a method init(), (and more, but init will mostly do). Seems you figured this out.
    If the IDE is complaining about a main class it's looking for a method main(), not a class Main. That's when somehow you try to start your program as a standalone application, the other way Java is often used (not embedded in a webpage). I don't know NetBeans (using Eclipse) but that should be easy to find.
    (It's a very basic question, try to find some introduction.) Succes!

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    I would guess that the problem is that you have
    several small applets and classes
    in your NetBeans project, so the IDE doesn't know which you want to run.

    Luckily for you, NetBeans comes extensive on-line help; search for 'set main class' and you should find what you need to do to fix that.

    If you don't know how to open on-line help, ask.


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    OK thanks. I found I can run the applets by right clicking on the applet source file itself and choose 'Run'. The normal run button only works for an application, not for an applet... I could not find this in the Netbeans Help documentation, that is apparently all based on building standalone applications, telling how to set a main class etc but that's not what I was looking for.

    This is unlike the Javaeditor, where the run button simply (compiles and) runs, no matter if the app is an applet or a standalone aplication.

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