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    Default javabat problems

    Hey guys I really need help with Javabat.
    It would be great if you guys could help me before 8pm tomorrow.
    I need help with:
    -countHi H


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    I know it's so much easier to ask here for help, but all those things already exsist on the internet. Google it.
    If you got questions regarding something then you may ask here
    Ty :)

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    Consider doubleChar() for instance.

    See the Java String Help document for help with strings.
    "See Also: Example Code Java help: If Boolean Logic | Strings | While and For Loops | Arrays and Loops" (they're all links in the original)

    And about the question itself (Given a string, return a string where for every char in the original, there are two chars):

    Hint: Declare a local String result variable, starting with the empty string "". The standard loop over every char in a string is: "for (int i=0; i<str.length(); i++) { ...". Inside the loop, use "str.charAt(i)" or "str.substring(i, i+1)" to get each char, and add them to the result string with "=" and "+".

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