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    Default Write an application that displays the numbers 1 to 4 on the same line

    Hi, I'm going to be taking an object oriented paradigm using java during intersession in a few months. I'm trying to brush up on it a bit and have come across a simple little problem that have no idea how to solve.
    The problem is. Write an application that displays the numbers 1 to 4 on the same line, with each pair of adjacent numbers separated by one space.
    Write the program using the following techniques:
    • Use one system.out.printLn statement.
    • Use four system.out.print statement.
    • Use one system.out.printf statement.

    This is what i have so far but I'm a little lost.

    Java Code:
    public class Display 
            public static void main(String [] args) 
                 System.out.print("1 ");
                 System.out.print("2 ");
                 System.out.print("3 ");
                 System.out.print("4 ");
                 System.out.println(" ");<----is that what that is supposed to look like, and where it goes?
                 System.out.printf(" %s %s %s %s ");????
    i cant test this my console isn't working right, and i haven't finished my compiler install.

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    Maybe u better show us how u want the output to look like
    I dunno bout the others, but i don't really get what u mean
    If u wanna print a number next to another why not just write them all using the print method?:confused:
    Sorry, don't get ur point :D

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