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    Default You have any idia on why this problem comes?

    Quote Originally Posted by rjuyal View Post
    One more thing, the other prb you had posted is not the problem with your site. it is the problem ( feature ) of every secure site. Even if you do this in ebay like sites you will see the same thing
    ok...You have any idia on why this problem comes?Ie6 is secure site....but there is no solution.My boss told me u have to solved this problem.So what can i do?

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    you have used "post" method ( which you are supose to ). browsers behave like this.

    and if you don't want to see the warning page use "GET" method. u will not see the warning now. aside with that your boss will not like the new solution as it will append the complete query in address bar ,

    let him know what you did is fine. and browser behaving in expected manner.

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