We are the BitbullExchange. We want to find a professional programmer, who can develop two tasks for us:
Task 1: Simple Proxy Java Library thats making calls to our https/post/json api
Task 1: Develop Java UserCode sandbox

Are you ready to start work with us soon?
How do you estimate implementation of two tasks in time?
How much will your time cost?

For more detail look at Technical Requirements.

BitBullExchange Api Java Library
15 methods - http/post/json - proxy

Goal: develop Java sand Box Server that will run custom user code


1. User send to this java application text of java code.
2. Application should compile this user java code
2.1 if user code contains errors, it sould reply with detailed error information
3. application should run complied code in whitelisted sandbox in new thread
4. this sand box must allow to the user code run only functions from white list
5. some of our libraries that user code calls should have time quantity limit for calls
5.1 calls per second
6. sand box should manage thread & memory consumption from user code for each thread
7. application should provide stats & management api for this threads


1. java server application
2. should be runned by maven
3. application should provide external api
3.1 appache http component/mima
3.2 all calls should be processed via http/post/json
3.3 there is should be possible to set up port of http server via config