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    Default Looking for a hobbie poject

    I am a java programmer who is more like a hobbie programmer I am not looking for a serious paying job, I was kinda actually hoping for something that I could work at home on, but a project something to work on to improve my skills I have made a text editor that plays music from within it some basic games pong, hang man that sort of thing. but I want to do something that is a bit more advanced something that goes into multi threading, networking that sort of thing. It would also be nice to work with someone on a project all my previous projects have been solo and have not really been super big. does anyone have any ideas for a new project, a project I can join, anything?

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    Default Re: Looking for a hobbie poject

    There are plenty of open source Java projects just a google search away. Or you could give yourself a larger goal, or take place in a Game Jam competition.
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    Default Re: Looking for a hobbie poject

    Yes, I happen to be looking for programmers for a game. For info(Rules, qualifications, what I expect, what I do, etc.), go to this address :
    GROUP PROJECT : JAVA GAME : Up to Three Programmers Needed

    I am a hobbyist like you and have the same agenda, so we should work well together. Just contact me at, and we can work out everything!

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