God day!

First of all I want to say: I ll pay for your work.
Second thing is: English is not my main language, I hope everone understand me.

I want to have a special model created in eclipse with EMF, GMF, Eugena etc. (donīt matter how).
Behind this model there should be some functions, if possible.
I ll explain more specific, if you are interested.
Send me a Email if you are interested:

Your profile should be:
-very good knowledge about EMF/GMF
-knowledge about statecharts and automata
-good english knowledge (because of an english text you have to read)
-knowledge of Eugenia and other helping tool could be positive, but you donīt have to use them

For a good programer, this work could be a piece of cake and can be done in a few hours, I think.
I would do it myself, but my GMF skills are not very good and I donīt have the time to improve them more.