I am looking into writing an advanced query application for my company, department.

I work with several application, and third party tools, example: WebSphere, Weblogic, TDS, AD/LDS, SAP, couchbase, unix, linux, mainframe, solaris, etc.... The list goes on and on.

Anyway, we also have several versions of our own custom built application. Part of our job is going to the client site, and doing custom implementation, configuration, setup, etc...
Please take in mind that our application is custom built and has it own error messages not always associated with some of the tools it uses.

When we go on site, sometimes we run into an error that someone on the team may have already experienced, or this may be a new issue.

We would like to be able to query for that information based on an advanced query, so that we could get the information back fast, and not have to track someone down all the time looking for answers.

Example. possible jsp page.

Advanced query fields: Platform/ OS, Application, Version, key word, etc....

I would like to be able to put this query together so that:
1. Not all of the fields have to have something in it. It would be smart enough to put the query together so that it would read something like: Select field 1, field 2, If field3 = null {skip to next field}, field 4. I would also like to make it sortable by all fields.

Is there already something in place for something like this that anyone might know about, or could point me in the right direction.