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    Sorry for the late reply!

    • Is there a need to play with the web.xml file? I see a lot of references to it but not sure why.
    • Where does jsp go? Not in the root directory?

    Maybe I setup Eclipse wrong. In any case, it is working in the web container, so I won't complain! :D Now to finish up with some other stuff I am playing with.

    Thanks again!

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    JSPs go in WEB-INF/jsp.
    The web.xml is need to tell the server what names in the URLs for your site map to which servlets. As well as other things, but that's a key one.

    JSPs go under WEB-INF since they are pre-processed by the server, first into a Servlet and then compiled into a class. You don't actually access them directly. The server essentially maps <myjsp>.jsp to <whatever random servlet name>.class.

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