I need to call a function in JSP that takes a parameter to get the content of an EBase form field. The parameter is defined by a field in a database. I am getting the data back using JSTL but I need a way of embedding the database field value into the JSP function call.

Here's the code:

Java Code:
<% UFSFormInterface form = UFSFormInterface.getFormInterface(); %>
<% String CurrentForm = form.getFormName(); %>
<% String CurrentClient = form.getFieldValue("PERSON_ID"); %>

      div {padding:10px; }
	  .noborder {border:0px; }


<sql:query var="reports" dataSource="jdbc/TRI7">SELECT * FROM hcc_ics_report_mappings WHERE (calling_form = '<%= CurrentForm %>' OR calling_form = 'ALL') ORDER BY report_name</sql:query>

<div style="width:150px;">
  <c:forEach var="rows" items="${reports.rows}">
    <c:set value="${rows.context}" var="Context" />  <!-- I want to set the variable in JSTL here -->
    <% String DetailID = form.getFieldValue(Context); %> <!-- I want to read the variable into a JSP function here -->
    <a target="_new" href='URL&report=<c:out value="${rows.path}" />&destype=CACHE&userid=@sh22&desformat=PDF&p_header_id=<%= CurrentClient %>&p_detail_id=<%= DetailID %>'><c:out value="${rows.report_name}" /></a><br />
Can anyone help please?