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    Default Adding new row kept previous row values.

    Hi All:

    I needed your help when you have time!!
    I am using JSF 1.1, facelets,Icefaces 1.82 and Weblogic, Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.
    Any help, suggestion or hint would be greatly appreciated it!!
    When I click on "Add Row" it adds a new row but it keep the values of the previous row. Do you get the same problem?
    I have this problem testing on "Internet Explorer 9, Google Chrome and Firefox 11". The new row with the previous row values seemed to disappear if I click the browser's refresh button.

    Java source:
    public String addRow()
    List<ShipmentDetailsBB> shipmentDetailsList = this.opportunitiesBB.getShipmentDetailsList();
    ShipmentDetailsBB shipmentDetails = new ShipmentDetailsBB();
    int uiID = shipmentDetailsList.size() + 1;
    List<NameValueObject> nameValueObjectList = new ArrayList<NameValueObject>();
    shipmentDetails.setSelectedDimensionType("inches") ;
    NameValueObject nameValueObject1 = new NameValueObject();
    NameValueObject nameValueObject2 = new NameValueObject();
    shipmentDetails.setDimensionTypeList(Utility.Conve rtNVListToSelectItem(nameValueObjectList));
    opportunitiesBB.setShipmentDetailsList(shipmentDet ailsList);

    return "success";

    The source of the jspx file. The UI namespace is for Facelets. I get the same problem even if I change the "<ice:inputText>" to "<h:inputText>".
    <ui:repeat value="#{opportunitiesBean.opportunitiesBB.shipmen tDetailsList}" var="shipmentDetail">


    <ice:selectBooleanCheckbox value="#{}" id="select" readonly="false" disabled="false" />


    <ice:inputText id="bookedweight" value="#{shipmentDetail.bookWeight}" size="8" />
    <input type="hidden" name="opp_detail_id[]" value=""/>

    <ice:inputText id="numberOfPieces" value="#{shipmentDetail.numberOfPieces}" size="5" />
    <ice:inputText id="length" value="#{shipmentDetail.length}" size="3" />
    x W <ice:inputText id="width" value="#{shipmentDetail.width}" size="3" />
    x H <ice:inputText id="height" value="#{shipmentDetail.height}" size="3" />

    <ice:selectOneMenu id="dimensionType" value="#{shipmentDetail.selectedDimensionType}">
    <f:selectItems value="#{shipmentDetail.dimensionTypeList}"/>
    <ice:inputText id="uldLocation" value="#{shipmentDetail.uldLocation}" />

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    Default Re: Adding new row kept previous row values.

    If you're forever cleaning cobwebs, it's time to get rid of the spiders.

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