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    Default can i process two web pages at once?

    Hello friends,
    Actually i want to creating a Servlet which basically process ( not re-direct) two HTML files.

    I got two HTML Files:
    1. First.HTML is doing auto login into an website using simple java script.
    2. Second.HTML is sending auto mail using again hard coeded JavaScript.

    what i want is that there is an Servlet program
    which is first going to call First.html and process it at Server side but don't Re-Direct . & then after the first.html is processed ( AUTO LOGIN IS SUCCESSED) this servlet is going to call second.html that will send the mail.

    can anybody help me me out.....

    thank in advance..

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    Two files, fine. Two threads with the same question, not.
    Is it possible to have an action which launches a jar?


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    Servlets don't "call" HTML pages.
    That's pretty meaningless.
    They deal with requests (GET/POST) and return responses.

    HTML pages do call servlets (or URLs, whose end point is a servlet anyway).

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