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    Question how to load in, and render a 3d model into a 3d game help

    I've searched all over the web, youtube mainly and couldn't find anything to help me with this.
    I have no idea on how to do it because im starting to design a 3d game and i want to learn step by step.
    If anyone could explain or recommend a webpage to help me with it, i'd be happy.

    Here's the problem: I have a few blender files (exported as .obj) and i want to load them into my game and use them in my level. I have no idea, and im already useing lwjgl.
    Thanks alot.

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    Default Re: how to load in, and render a 3d model into a 3d game help

    I know this thread is 9 months old, but I came across this question while looking for the same answer. However, if anyone else is looking (like I was) You can see a video on loading and rendering 3D models below:

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