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Thread: Drawing offscreen?

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    Default Re: Drawing offscreen?

    blit = drawing one image onto another.

    COnfused now about "clicking on object"?
    That doesn't sound like it's to do with drawing a scrolling screen.

    Anyway...when scrolling you already have the background drawn once, which is presumably what you drew in the previous iteration.
    Use that image, offset by whatever amount you need.
    Then draw the missing images.
    eg. (and this assumes the currentBackground is the BufferedImage containg the background as last drawn)
    Java Code:
    create newBackgroundImage
    blit the bit of the currentBackgroundImage that is still visible onto the newBackgroundImage
    Set current = new
    Blit background onto screen
    Blit the hero onto screen.
    If you have mobile content in the background the "blit hero" part will become "blit animations".

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    Default Re: Drawing offscreen?

    Problem solved ... the getsubimage made the lag. Now im drawing some of the tile parts outside of the JPanel. But thats ok? =P

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    Default Re: Drawing offscreen?

    im drawing some of the tile parts outside of the JPanel.
    No, you're not. The graphics clip takes care of that.

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