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SOAP Introduction

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To exchange messages and information between multiple computers, XML based protocol is used which is called SOAP. SOAP is XML based protocol so you can say that it is the XML specification application.

Following rules or statements are considered as true for the SOAP.

It is a protocol for communication.
SOAP stands for Simple Object Access Protocol.
It is designed to use internet for all its communication.
It has the facility to use HTTP for sending XML messaging.
It handles data transportation of web services.
A remote procedure may be called using this protocol.
It can also be used to send documents.
It can also be used for message broadcasting.
It is independent of language.
It is independent of platform.
It is based on XML to send and get information and define how it will be achieved.

SOAP is used in:

Different message systems.
Transport protocols
Remote procedure calls.

The major focus of SOAP is on the remote procedure calls using HTTP. It helps different applications to connect and method calling remotely.

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