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  1. How to create a Java web service

    by , 04-04-2012 at 06:57 AM
    Web service is a XML-based standard that allows interoperability between different applications on different platforms, for example, a .NET based application on Windows can communicate with a Java based one on Linux. The communication can be done through a set of XML messages over HTTP protocol.

    Throughout this article, you will learn how to create and publish a web service, and consume the web service by a command line client. This article supposes you are familiar with basic Java ...
  2. RESTful Controllers in Spring

    by , 11-28-2011 at 01:47 AM
    In my previous tip, I presented to you an overview of how to handle RESTful URLs. In this tip, I will followup will look at RESTful Controllers. From my previous posts, I believe you have surmised that Spring MVCís model is a very flexible framework for for writing controller classes. Almost any method with almost any signature can be annotated to handle a web request. Although this is nice for writing RESTless controllers, it is not ideal for writing RESTful controllers. The reason is that controllers ...
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  3. RESTful URLs in Spring

    by , 11-28-2011 at 01:31 AM
    In my previous tip, I presented to you an overview of Spring support of REST. In this tip, I will followup with a tip for look at RESTful URLs.

    If you want to create a RESTful controller, you will need to handle URLs in a RESTful way. Thatís because everything thatís done in REST is done through a URL. The URLís RESTful nature is even implied by itís name, uniform resource locator. Given that name, it seems that a URL is intended to locate a resource. Above and beyond this, URLs ...

    Updated 11-30-2011 at 02:37 PM by Spring Framework

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  4. REST Services in Spring

    by , 11-28-2011 at 01:28 AM
    In Spring 3.0, the Spring team added support for Representational State Transfer (REST). It has emerged as a popular information-centric alternative to traditional SOAP-based web services. Spring developers have taken advantage of the REST architectural model to pack the Spring MVC with first-class support for working with REST. In this tip, we will look at the fundamentals of REST.

    In order to understand what REST is all about, it helps to break down the acronym into its constituent ...
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  5. Proxying JAX-WS Services in Spring

    by , 11-28-2011 at 01:25 AM
    I have been exploring JAX-WS services in Spring. In this tip, I will look into proxying JAX-WS services on the client side. Consuming web services with Spring involves client-side proxies in a way similar to how Spring based clients consume other remoting technologies.

    Using JaxWsPortProxyFactoryBean is used to wire the Car web service in Spring similar to any other Spring bean. The JaxWsPortProxyFactoryBean is a factory bean that produces a proxy that knows how to talk to a SOAP ...

    Updated 11-30-2011 at 02:36 PM by Spring Framework

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  6. How to Export JAX-WS EndPoints in Spring

    by , 11-28-2011 at 01:22 AM
    In my previous tip, I showed you how to autowire a JAX-WS endpoint. Although this is very useful, but recognize that the objects whose properties are being injected doesnít have its lifecycle managed by Spring. There are circumstances though, where itís possible to export a Spring-managed bean as a JAX-WS endpoint. In this tip, I will show you how.

    Springís SimpleJaxWsServiceExporter works by publishing Spring-managed beans as service endpoints in a JAX-WS runtime. SimpleJaxWsServiceExporter ...

    Updated 11-30-2011 at 02:35 PM by Spring Framework

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  7. Intro to Web Services with Spring

    by , 11-28-2011 at 12:02 AM
    One of the most important changes in IT in the last 10 years has been the advent of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). At the core SOA is the idea of building system via a common set of core services rather than the traditional monolithic method. Java and web services have been intimately intwined. There are a number of options are available for working with web services in Java. Spring facilitates the integration of many of these options. In fact, Spring provides support for publishing and consuming ...

    Updated 11-30-2011 at 02:35 PM by Spring Framework

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