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  1. Android Manifest File

    by , 02-11-2012 at 12:00 PM
    Whenever an Android Application is loaded, the application's AndroidManifest.xml file also called “manifest file” is read by the Android system. All the components are declared in this file by the Android application. Also it is placed at the root of application project directory.

    Following are the major tasks that are performed by the manifest other than just declaring the application’s components.

    • User permissions such as Internet access or read access to user’s
  2. Edit Android Manifest File

    by , 02-11-2012 at 11:09 AM
    Manifest information is managed in different tabs by file editor. These tabs are as follow:

    • Manifest: This tab is used for application general settings such as version information, package name etc.
    • Application: Application details such as name, icon and “guts” are defined under this tab. Like what application can run and what other services application can provide.
    • Permissions: Application’s permissions are defined under this tab. If application wants to read a contact from