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  1. Android Activity Lifecycle

    by , 02-11-2012 at 10:00 AM
    All fundamental lifecycle methods of an activity are given in below code skeleton.

    Java Code: This is the code to manage lifecycle of an activity
    public class ExampleActivity extends Activity {
        public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
            // The activity is being created.
        protected void onStart() {
            // The activity is about to become visible.
  2. The lifecycle of stateless bean

    , 01-02-2012 at 06:03 PM
    Stateless session beanís life cycle consists of 2 stages namely; ready for the invocation of the business method and non existent. Client initiates the life cycle by seeking references towards the stateless bean. Dependency injection is performed by the container and then the method annotated @PostConstruct is invoked. Now bean is ready to invoke the business methods by client. Method annotated @PreDestroy is called by the EJB container at the end of life cycle, if any. Then for garbage collection, ...
    EJB Bean
  3. Know the Servlet Life Cycle

    by , 11-28-2011 at 06:04 PM
    If you are programming in java on the back end, one of the key enabling technologies that you must know is servlets. Basically a servlet is a class that handles HTTP responses and makes HTTP Requests. Iím going to assume that you know enough about servlets to be able to override doGet and doPost in order to do some useful work (generate HTML) with your servlets, but what you might not know is the servlet lifecycle. I outline this below in order to improve your understanding how servlets work and ...
    Tutorial , HTTP
  4. The Lifecycle of a Spring Bean

    by , 11-16-2011 at 04:11 PM
    In this tip, we will look at the lifecycle of a bean. The bean lifecycle for a Spring bean is somewhat complex. It is important to understand the life cycle of a Spring bean. Otherwise it will be difficult for you as a programmer to use Spring to its full abilities especially because you may want to take advantage of some of the opportunities that Spring offers to customize how a bean is created. The startup life cycle of a typical bean as it is loaded into a BeanFactory container is shown: ...