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Disadvantages of Struts2

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by , 07-07-2012 at 07:44 PM (3113 Views)
Struts2 provides a lot of good features and functionalities but there also few disadvantages of Struts2 in specific environments and conditions. We will discuss the disadvantages of Struts2 in this topic.

Bigger Learning Curve: In order to use Struts MVC framework, you must have expertise with JSP, Servlet API and the Struts framework.
Poor Documentation: Struts2 offers limited online resources for learning as compared to standard JSP and Servlet API. Also the new user will find poorly managed online apache documentation.
Less Transparent: The Struts2 framework is less transparent and it hides the internal details. There are lots of things being performed at the backend as compared to normal java based application. This approach makes it hard to understand and implement the code in Struts framework.

For a good framework, it is necessary that it provides generic behavior so that multiple applications can easily use the framework. Struts2 is being used for rich internet applications development and is one of the best and favorite frameworks.

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