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Struts 2 Introduction

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by , 07-07-2012 at 07:43 PM (1863 Views)
Struts2 is a mature and very popular MVC design pattern based web application framework. In Struts2, the complete architecture is rewritten as compared to Struts 1.
The Struts framework provided the base for WebWork framework and basically it was designed to provide improved and better framework built on top of Struts so that developers can easily develop web applications.

After a while, Struts community and WebWork framework developed Struts2 framewrok with combine efforts.

Following are the most popular features offered by Struts2 framework.

POJO Forms and Actions: The Struts2 framework provides the Action Forms that is a integral part of this framework. The input can be received using any POJO in Struts2 framework. Also nowadays Action classes can be seen as POJO.
Tag Support: Struts 2 has provided form tags which are more improved in this version and less code is required to use these tags.
AJAX Support: Struts2 provides the AJAX support with the help of AJAX tags.
Easy Integration: Struts 2 has supported easy integration with other frameworks like Tiles, Spring and SiteMesh.
Template Support: Struts2 provides template support.
Plugin Support: There are lots of plugin available for Struts2 which can support and extend the behavior of Struts2.
Profiling: Struts2 has support for application profiling and debugging.
Easy to modify tags: Struts2 support the tweaking of tags using freemarker tamplete.

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