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Spring Framework

Intro to Spring Security

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by , 11-27-2011 at 11:44 PM (1705 Views)
Spring Security is a security framework that started out as Acegi Security and then became an official part of Spring in version 2.0. It provides declarative security for all Spring-based applications. Spring Security handles all aspects of security from authentication to authorization at both the web request level and at the method invocation level. Like many Spring Framework modules, it takes full advantage of dependency injection (DI) and aspect-oriented techniques.

Irrespective of the application for which you want to provide security, the first thing that is required is to add the Spring Security framework to the application’s classpath. Below I list the eight modules of Spring Security 3.0:

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At a minimum, you’ll require the Core and Configuration modules in your application’s classpath. There are many web applications that use Spring Security. I will use it in the Springexample application. So since this is a web application, in addition to Core and Configuration, I will add in the web module in order that we can use Spring Security’s JSP tag library. In the next tip, I will show you how to declare a security configuration in Spring Security.

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