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Spring Framework

Spring Framework Advantages

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by , 07-07-2012 at 07:41 PM (9991 Views)
Following are the benefits offered by the Spring Framework.
It is possible to develop enterprise level application in Spring using POJOS. The major benefit of using POJO is that you can avoid EJB container like application server. In such cases you just need to use a web server like Tomcat or any other commercial product.
A modular style is used to organize Spring. There are lot of packages and classes but you must only consider the classes being used by you.
The spring framework is based on existing technologies like logging framework, ORM framework, JEE, JDK timers, Quartz and other view related technologies.
Testing of a Spring based application is easy because all the environment related and dependent code is moved into the framework. Also it is easy to use dependency injection with the help of Java Bean style POJOs.
Spring is a well designed MVC web framework which provides web frameworks alternative.
Technology specific exceptions can be translated by Spring framework like exceptions thrown by JDBC, JDO, Hibernate into unchecked exceptions.
Consistent transaction management is possible with the Spring framework.

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