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Spring Framework

Spring Transaction Management

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by , 07-07-2012 at 07:33 PM (1738 Views)
The Spring supports the following two types of transaction management.

Programmatic Transaction Management: In this type of transaction management, you will manage the transaction in your code. This transaction management provide you extreme flexibility and at the other end it is hard to manage and maintain.
Declarative Transaction Management: In this transaction management, the business code is separated from the transaction management. The XML based configuration or annotations are used for transaction management.

Declarative transaction manage offer advantages and preferable over programmatic transaction management though it is not that much flexible as compared to programmatic transaction management. Programmatic transaction management allows you to manage transactions in your code. The AOP approach makes it possible to modularize the declarative transaction management which is a crosscutting concern. The Spring AOP framework is used to support declarative transaction management in Spring.

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