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Spring Framework

Spring Application Context

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by , 07-07-2012 at 06:38 PM (1193 Views)
The application configuration is provided and configured by a central interface in spring called ApplicationContext.

Following functionalities are provided by the Spring ApplicationContext.

The ListableBeanFactory inherited Bean factory methods are provided by the ApplicationContext. Also it will help the application to avoid use of singletons in their applications.
The MessageSoruce interface provides the functionality to support internationalization and the ability to solve messages.
The ResourceLoader interface provides the functionality to load all file resources in a common way.
The events publishing functionality is provided and its implementation provides a way to register all the event listeners.
Priority is always given to decendant context definition and from parent context inheritance. It means that a web application can engage only a single parent context where as an independent child context is own by each servlet.

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