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Spring Framework

The Standard for Enterprise Java Development

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by , 07-07-2012 at 06:32 PM (1101 Views)
Spring is considered as a widely deployed and popular deployed “open source” framework which assists programmers to create higher quality applications quickly. A consistent configuration model and programming is provided by Spring which is understood very well and is used by developers globally. Range of capabilities are provided by Spring to create rich web, enterprise Jave and enterprise applications which could be utilized in a light weighted manner.

  • Spring used for Enterprise Java Applications: Ultimate programming model is provided by Spring for moderanized enterprise applications. This is done by insulating the objects of business from platform services complexities for web services, remoting, data access, security, application component management, messaging, aspect oriented programming& much more. Spring is created at IoC container which makes it ables for Java components to be configured centrally and wired. This would be resulting into a code which is more maintainable, reusable, portable and testable.

  • Spring used for Rich Web Applications: Spring Faces, Spring BlazeDS and Spring Web Flow makes rich web applications able to be created by utilizing various user interface technologies. Multi step interactions are enabled by spring web flow by a higher level “process flow” language, however Spring BlazedDS makes spring managed business objects enabled to get invoked by the help of RIA rich internet application clients.

  • Spring for Enterprise Integration Applications: Spring Batchextend and Spring integration core programming models to meet needs of enterprise integration. Full Enterprise integration pattern range is addressed by integration. This includes Channel Adapter, Message channel, content based router etc. Robust batch applications development is enabled by the Spring Batch.

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