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Spring Framework

Architectural benefits of spring

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by , 07-07-2012 at 06:30 PM (1097 Views)
Few associated benefits of Spring that could be brought to some project are listed here:

  • Your mid-tier objects could be organized effectively by Spring whether you use EJB or not. Plumbing is being taken care by Spring which would be there with you when only struts or some other framework is used particular to J2EE APIs. Most probably this is much more valuable for mid tier so configuration management services of spring could be utilized in any kind of architectural layer, no matter which runtime environment.
  • Proliferation of singletons could be eliminated by Spring. According to mine experience this is one of the biggest problem reducing object orientation and testability.
  • Good practice of programming is facilitated by Spring. This is done when cost of programming is reduced to the interfaces instead of classes.
  • Applications present with Spring are designed in such a way that they are just dependent upon few APIs. Majority of the business objects present in Spring application doesn’t have any dependency at Spring.
  • Applications that are built by the help of Spring are quite easier for unit testing.
  • EJB could be used as a major implementation choice by Spring in tead of application architecture. Business interfaces like local EJB or business interfaces could be choosen to implement without having any affect at the calling code.
  • Major problems could be solved by the help of Spring without EJB. An alternative can be provided by Spring to EJB which would be appropriate for various applications.
  • A consistent framework is provided by Spring to access data whether by using O/R mapping product or JDBC.
  • A simpler and consistent programming model is provided by Spring in many areas which would be making it a great architectural glue. Consistency could be seen in approach of Spring to JMS, JNDI, JDBC, JavaMail and many other APIs.

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