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Spring Framework

Spring framework

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by , 07-07-2012 at 06:29 PM (1598 Views)
Configuration model and comprehensive programming is provided by the spring framework for the moderanized java based application for any of the deployment platform. Spring key element is the infra-strutural support provided at the level of application: Spring keeps its focus at the enterprise application plumbing therefore teams could keep their focus at the business logic which is application level without any unessential ties with deployment environment.

Spring has:

• Flexible dependency injections along with “annotation-based” configuration styles and XML.
• Advanced kind of support for the “aspect-oriented” programming along with AspectJ-based and proxy based variants.
• Support for declarative caching, declarative formatting, declarative validation and declarative transactions.
• Powerful abstractions to work with common Java EE specifications for example, JPA, JDBC, JTA & JMS.
• For common “open-sourced” frameworks for example Quartz and Hibernate, first class support is present.
• For integration tests and unit test, rich testing facilities are there.

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