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by , 01-01-2012 at 05:08 PM (994 Views)
A cookie is that test of piece which can be stored on the hard disk of a user by web server. Information is being stored on user machine by the help of cookies which is later retrieved. Such information pieces are stored as “name value pairs”. Cookie data gets moved in this way:

• If URL of a site is typed in the browser, browser will be sending its requests to web server. When this is done by the web browser cookie file is looked for at the machine which has been set by the URL. If found, all name value pairs will be sent along with URL. If cookie file is not been found, no cookie data is sent.
• Web server Of URL gets the request for page & cookie data. Server uses name value pairs if they are received. Server makes newer ID in case name value pairs are not received, which are then sent to machine in web page’s header. Name value pairs are stored by your machine at your hard disk.

In order to find out the number of people who visited your profile, cookies are used. Repeated versus new visitors could also be counted by it. This is basically done by the help of a data base. New ID is created in database every time a new visitor hits the site, and then ID is sent as a cookie. Every time that visitor visits the website, the counter linked with that ID present in database gets incremented by the site which shows the number of time he visited the site. User preferences also get stored at the site which makes website look different to each user.

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