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Stub and Skeleton Layer

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, 07-07-2012 at 06:27 PM (3161 Views)
Stub & skeleton layer is present below the Java developer view. In this layer RMI utilizes the proxy designed patterns, as per description in a famous book known as Design patterns. For proxy patterns one object present in a context is presented by some other proxy present in other separate context. This given class shows the proxy patterns.

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Stub and Skeleton Layer

For using proxy pattern of RMI, Sub class has a vital role of proxy and also the service implementation class has the responsibility of the RealSubject.

Skeleton is basically a helper class which gets generated for sake of RMI. It is understood by skeleton that how communication could be done with stubs, across the link of RMI. Conversation is carried on by skeleton with stub. Parameters are read by it for the method call, makes call towards the remoted service implementation object, makes acceptance of the return value and writes back the return value to stub.

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