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Log4J Message Priorities/Levels

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by , 02-24-2012 at 08:26 PM (1040 Views)
Levels and priorities for the messages are supported by logging. Content severity shall be made sure. Use these guidelines to describe the messages severity.

  • fatal Severe kind of errors which would result into premature termination. Expect them to be visible instantly at the status console. Internationalization shall also be seen.
  • error - Other unexpected conditions or runtime errors. Expect them to be visible immediately at the status console.
  • warn - Depreciated APIs usage, 'almost' errors, poor use of API and various other runtime situations which are unexpected but they are not always "wrong". Expect them to be visible immediate at the status console.
  • info - Runtime events like startup or shutdown. Expect them to be visible immediately at console. Therefore keep to a minimum & be conservative.
  • debug - detailed data at the flow, through the system. Expect them only to be written at the logs.
  • trace - more detailed data or information. Expect them only to be written at logs.

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