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log4j - Core Objects

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by , 07-07-2012 at 08:36 PM (2211 Views)
Following are the log4j framework important core objects which are important and play a critical role in this framework.

Logger Object: The Logger object is provided by the top Logger layer. All the information captured by this Logger Object is stored in a hierarchy and this is the main object responsible for collecting all information.

Layout Object: The Layout Object is responsible for formatting all the information in multiple styles. The Layout Objects helps the applender objects in publishing logs. The Layout Objects make the logging information in easy and understandable format.

Appender Object: The Appender Object is at the low lever and is used to publish logs. It is used to publish log information to following destinations:
o File
o Database
o Unix Syslog
o Console

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log4j - Core Objects

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