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What is JSP?

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, 01-01-2012 at 06:45 PM (1527 Views)
Java Servlet technology’s extension is Java ServerPages. JSP is used as presentation layer to combine the Java code and HTML. Java Servlet technology generates HTML along with out.println(“<html>….. </html>”) statements (out is PrintWriter). Embedding HTML code to the escape characters is a process which is hardly maintained and is cumbersome. A level of abstraction is provided by the JSP technology in order to enable a developer to use the action elements and custom tags. This makes the web development speedy and easily manageable.

JSP consists of a compilation process or translation (shown in image) where JSP engine functions to compile as well translate JSP file to JSP servlet. The compiled & translated JSP Servlet is moved into run time or execution phase where requests are handled and responses are sent. Ahead of time and explicitly compiled, JSP files get compiled the very first time when they are accessed. On sites of larger productions or where complicated JSP files are involved, unacceptable delays might take place by the compilation for users to access JSP page. Ahead of time, JSPs may be compiled by usage of the settings, application server tools or writing own script.

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JSP Moving Parts

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