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Exception Handling in JSP

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, 07-07-2012 at 08:30 PM (2033 Views)
There is always a probability of programming errors in the code while a programmer is coding a JSP page. Following are the major types of errors which may arise in a JSP code:

Checked Exceptions: The checked exception is an unforeseen error by the programmer of JSP code or it is a user error in the code. For example, you are opening a file which may not exisit or may have some issue will raise an exception. At the compile time, these checked exceptions cannot be ignored.

Runtime Exceptions: The runtime exceptions occur at the time of program execution and may be avoided by the programmer. As compred to checked exceptions, these exceptions are ignored or not caught by the compile while program is being compiled.

Errors: These are uncontroable issue which a user or program cannot handle either at compile time or runtime and they are totally different from exceptions. You usually cannot find the errors in your code like a stack overflow. Also compiler cannot trace these errors at compile time.

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