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Form Processing in JSP

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, 07-07-2012 at 08:10 PM (1832 Views)
In a JSP progam, a programmer may have handled situations in which he sends information from browser to server and finally this information is communicated to backend business logic. Following two methods are used by the web browsers to send form data and information to web server.

GET Method: The encoded information is sent from browser to the server using this GET method. The information and page URL is separated using the ? character. Following is an example of GET method information passing.
To communicate information between client and web server, GET method is used as the default method. It will generate a long key value string and it will appear in your browser. This is not the recommended way of communication in case of sensitive information like passwords. Also this method has a limit of 1024 characters.

POST Method: The post method is consideres as a reliable and most recommended way of communication between client and web server. The POST method sends all the information and data as a separate message istead of sending it in the URL like GET Method. This message is parsed and used by the backend Java Program as it receives the message in a standard format. The data sent by this method is handled using getParameter() method.

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