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What are the Advantages of JSP

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, 07-07-2012 at 08:05 PM (2510 Views)
JSP offers the following advantages as compared to using other technologies in the market.

JSP vs Active Server Pages: The major benefit offered by the JSP as compared to Active Server Pages is that it uses Java for expression writing which is more helpful, powerful and easy to use. Where as in Active Server Pages, you will need to use Visual Basic or any other Microsoft language. The second benefit offered by the JSP is that you can port it to any other operating system.

JSP vs Pure Servlets: In the servlets, you have to write the entire html in println statements which is hard to format, hard to understand and manage. JSP offers HTML writing in a simple file which is easy to manage.

JSP vs Server Side Includes: Server Side Includes is not designed for real programs and it is used for simple inclusions. So it does not support database connections and other functionality.

JSP vs JavaScript: JavaScript is used to generate dynamic HTML content on the client end and for other scripting functionality. On the other hand it does not provide server interaction, database access, image processing etc.

JSP vs Static HTML: Static HTML is used to just render output on the browser and it does not provide dynamic information.

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