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JavaServer Pages Introduction

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, 07-07-2012 at 06:56 PM (1312 Views)
Java Server Pages is a well known technology for web based application development. It supports:

Dynamic content handling
Insertion of Java code as expression element in HTML tags.
Use of special JSP tags

Most of the JSP tags start with <% and these tags ends with %>.

Java Server Pages are compiled to Servlets and are a specific type of servelts however it offers more benefits over the traditional servlets. Also Java Server Pages are designed to fulfil the requirements of easy user interface development. Java Server Pages are the text files which include:

XML Elements
XHTML code
JSP actions
JSP commands

Java Server Pages offers the following functionality in general:

Get the input data from web based forms.
Communication with database and records display from database or some other soruce.
Dynamic creation of web pages.
User preferences are registered by JSP
Java Beans components are accessed using JSP
Control handling between pages
Information sharing between user requests

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