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JSP Include

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, 07-07-2012 at 06:14 PM (629 Views)
The <jsp:include> makes it possible for you to include the dynamic or static file in JSP file. To include dynamic or static file would be generating the different results. In case file is static the contents would be included in “Calling JSP” files. And if files are dynamic then act is done at the request and result is sent which would be included into JSP pages. When finishing of include action is fone then processing is continued of the remainder by JSP container.


• page="{relativeURL | <%= expression %>}"
The relative URL which will be locating those files to be included or an expression which would be evaluating to a String that is equivalent with relative URL.The relative URL is just like a pathname-it doesn’t have protocol name, domain name or port number. The URL could be relative or absolute to the current JSP file.
flush="true" You shall be necessarily including flush="true", because this is not the default value. Value of false could not be used. Usage of the flush attribute is given over here.

• <jsp:param name="parameterName" value="{parameterValue | <%= expression %>}" />
The <jsp:param> clause permits to pass 1 or more name or value pairs, as parameters in included file. The included file shall be dynamic, for example, a JSP file, servlet, or some other kind of file that processes the parameter.

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JSP Include