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JSP and Servlets

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, 07-07-2012 at 06:02 PM (1193 Views)
In case you have dealed with Java Servlets then you would be knowing that they make it possible for you to make the web pages which are dynamically generated which contain data from java objects “server side”. Servlet approach for generation of the web pages is to do embedding of the presentation code and HTML tags in Java class. This shows that alteration in presentation code would be requiring recompilation and modification of the source file of servlet. As web authors of HTML design are not always the developers as well who have written the servlet code so updation of the web applications which are servlet based could possibly an involved process.

Java server pages are Servlet APIs extenstions. In servlets, these JSP pages are being compiled before using therefore they do have advantages of servlets which includes the accessibility to the Java API. As JSP pages are presentation codes along with application logic that has been embedded so they could be taken as inside out kind of servlets.

High level methods to create servlets are provided by the JSP pages so there are certain advantages associated. There are hundred thousands of benefits associated with using JSP.

  • Static templates are easily combined by the JSP pages which include XML fragments or HTML along with code which produces the dynamic content.
  • JSP pages can also be precompiled if desired. When requested, dynamic compilation of the JSP pages is done into servlets therefore authors of pages could be easily updating to the presentation code.
  • Complete management of the components is fone by Jsp tags which invoke the JavaBean components, which shield the author from application logic complexity.
  • Customized libraries of JSP tags could be offered by developers which are accessible by the author by the help of XML syntax.

Generally, developers are allowed by the JSP to distribute easily the functionality of the application at wider range of the authors. Author don’t have enough know how of the Java or writing servlet codes therefore they may put their attention at HTML code writing, while you keep you head attentive at the creation of application logic and objects.

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