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JSF validator Tag

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, 07-07-2012 at 05:57 PM (725 Views)
This tag registers as well as adds the validator to that parent component which is nearest. Typically, all of the applications present would be requiring filling some information at the page. Therefore it is considered to be a better thing to get invalid info value or formatting so that to make it “user-friendly”. Hence faults could be found out and corrected. Built in rules of validation are provided by JSF. JSF also customized the rules of validation so that to make them according to the requirements. If input value of component is present then value conversion to the needed type is required and after this specific validator type would be invoked so that it could be checked that value present is of type or format that is actually required. One attribute ValidatorID is present in this tag that would be required. Backing bean class name is specified in this kind of attribute wheter functionality is written according to the requirements. For interface which is customized validationValidator, implementation is done in that class which provides valiadation. Faces config files are required to be maintained where validator class and validator id would be specified in validator element. An important thing here is the validator id present at both places shall necessarily match.

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