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Architecture of JSF Framework

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, 07-07-2012 at 05:50 PM (1165 Views)
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Architecture of JSF Framework

Framework of the JavaServer Faces is created at the MVC designed patterns. Basic advantage to use the MVS is to make separation b/w view tier and Model tier so that it could be made possible to do the extensions of the capabilities and also to do integration with some other frameworks, without any disturbance.

Faces Servlet handles the communication that takes place b/w view tier and model.
JSF framework would be creating the view of every client in a tree sort of structure. They would be distinguished uniquely by View ID that has been linked with it.

When a client submits a request when a particular page is requested to server, it will be checked by the JSF controller that if that kind of view is already present at server side or client side. When already view is present, view is loaded and further processing is done. When view is not present already, then a new view is created from the request and response is rendered.

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