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JSF Architecture

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, 07-07-2012 at 04:45 PM (1301 Views)
When integration of the MVC designed pattern was done to create JSF so that greatly maintainable applications could be designed. For understanding of these facts, it is required to have the understanding that what is MVC pattern or how it assists in application designing so very well and how one could be making an application easily maintainable.

An application design is split into 3 parts, by the help of MVC design pattern.

Model : Model handles logic and data.
View : View handles presentation
Controller: Controller handles the application processing.

Purpose of the MVC model is to separate the presentation and model so that developers could be able to set their focus at their skills. If various pages are required to be created for presentation, you shall only be concentrating at the view layer instead of controller layer and model as code could be reused for model and controller.

JSF best advantages are that it is a framework as well as a user interface of Java which fits with MVC designed patterns. A clear separation is offered by it b/w behavior and presentation.

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