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JSF Components

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, 07-07-2012 at 05:44 PM (616 Views)
Components present in JSF are elements, for example buttons, table, text box etc. which could be used for creation of UI of the applications of JSF. Such objects manage the user interaction. One may be creating:

1. Simple components, for example button, text box and
2. Compound components, like data grid, table etc.

Various components that are present in a component is referred as a compound component. Developers are assisted by the components to make UIs when number of components are being assembled, associating them along with the event handlers and object properties. Do u want to do the repetition of the similar code and waste your time if various tables are required to be created in various pages of your application? No. Once a component has been created then it would be simpler thing to drop down the component on any JSP.

JSF permits to make and use these components:

1. Standard UI Components:
Basic UI component's set is present in JSF for example, list boxes, check boxes, radio button, panel, text fields and label etc. They are known as the standard components.

2. Custom UI Components:
Usually different and stylish kinds of components are required by the UI designers. For example, tabbed panes or fancy calenders. Such component types are not considered to be the standard JSF components. This additional facility is provided by JSF to use and create set of re-usable components. Such components are known as the custom components.

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