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JSF Features

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, 07-07-2012 at 05:42 PM (667 Views)
JSF is a framework that is considered to be very rich featured in Java technologies. Standard features that are provided by JSF which would be making it a standard and powerful thing among other technologies to develop the web applications. Few features are here so that this statement could be justified.

1. JSF is considered to be a standardized web user interface framework, for Java.
2. Developed at the Servlet API top.
3. JSF is basically a component framework
4. UI components have been stored at the server.
5. Easy usage of the 3rd party components.
6. “Event-driven” programming model.
7. Events created by users have been handled at the server.
8. “Navigation” handling.
9. Automatic synchronization of the UI components .
10. Multiple client devices supported by JSP.

Major components present are event driven, rapid application development, component model and extensible architecture.

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